About Us
Intersteels, is one of the best sources for all types of special steels. We are among the leading and the most reliable names in marketing and sourcing of tool steels. Our firm deals in Special steels for a long time and our customer care is one of the finest and most satisfying in the trade.

For any kind of special steel solution, you can always bank upon us.

Intersteels stands for everything in the special steels like High speed steel, Cold work tool steel, Hot work tool steel, Plastic Mould steel, as well as mould based steels like EN24 and C45.

Intersteels is a distributor of highly specialized steels. The wide range of products in stock, together with the processing facilities makes it possible to render good service, suitable to the most advanced end users.

The products range from smaller dia/flat products to larger dia and big blocks. This wide product range makes our offering unique in the market and gives our customers a decisive advantage: with us, they can get everything from a single source.

Our reputation as experts in the field of high-grade steel products is based on our experience of many many years of tradition in the sales of high-grade special steels. This experience, the modern trading and supply facilities and, not the least, our highly motivated and qualified staff are the foundations on which the high quality of our products is built.

However, we have no intention to rest on our laurels: we consider the constant continued sourcing of finest products and the continuing education of our staff to be two of our primary tasks. Only this way can we guarantee our customers even more individualized and flexible solutions from our single source in the future.

Quality System

We have always considered Quality as a way of business trait. We believe in establishing a relationship of mutual trust between customer and supplier, thereby improving the reliability of the products of leading steelworks with latest quality system. This means we are able to maintain the image of a highly prestigious Company on the market.

Customer Service

On and above our renowned sales services, we also provide customers with the expertise and experience of our dedicated Quality assurance and Technical Service personnel who are able to recommend materials, processes and heat treatments in order to draw up technical specifications of supply specially and specifically tailored to the use of the material. Apart from being merely in commercial aspects, customer satisfaction is at the very top of our list of priorities.